Get Ready for an Amazing Solar Eclipse in Colorado in 2045!

DENVER — On Monday, millions of people across North America saw something incredible: the moon covering the sun for up to four minutes. This total solar eclipse of 2024 was a huge event, and the next one as big won’t happen in the United States until 2045.

When is the next big solar eclipse in the U.S.?
Mark your calendars for August 12, 2045! That’s when a total solar eclipse will go from California all the way to Florida.

This eclipse’s path will cross many states, including Colorado, where it will get pretty dark during the daytime on August 12, 2045. Places like Colorado Springs, Grand Junction, Aspen, Pueblo, Lamar, and La Junta will get the best view.

Other upcoming solar eclipses to watch out for:

  • 2026: There will be a total solar eclipse, but it will only be visible in parts of the world like Greenland, Iceland, and Spain.
  • 2027: This eclipse will pass over Spain and northern Africa, lasting for a long 6 1/2 minutes.
  • 2033: The next eclipse in North America, but only in Alaska.
  • 2044: Western Canada, Montana, and North Dakota will see the eclipse up close.
  • 2045: The U.S. will once again have a coast-to-coast total solar eclipse.

The Associated Press helped with this report.

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