Denver Leaders May Change How They Get Pay Raises

Denver Leaders

Next Monday, the Denver City Council will decide if they should get pay raises every four years without having to vote for it themselves. Right now, they have to vote on their own raises, which some people think is a problem because it could create conflicts of interest.

If the council members agree, they will ask the people of Denver to vote on this change in November. Amanda Sawyer, who is on the council, suggested this change because she thinks it’s not fair for the council to decide its own pay raises.

Similar changes have been made in other cities like Baltimore and San Francisco. Currently, in Denver, every four years, the council votes on raises based on the cost of living or how much other city employees are getting.

Here’s what some of the city leaders make:

  • Mayor: $205,990.58
  • Auditor and Clerk & Recorder: $178,152.24 each
  • City Council President: $123,846.44
  • Other council members: $110,595.76 each

If voters agree, this change will start in 2027.

On Monday, the council will also talk about:

  • Turning some shelters into apartments
  • Paying a company to clean up trash in public places
  • Buying new street sweepers
  • Making changes to a bus project
  • Approving new leaders for the police, fire department, and other city agencies.

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