Debate Over Boulder Airport’s Future: Noise vs. Housing

Recently, Hep Ingram in northeast Boulder noticed something. An airplane, with its loud engine, was flying too close to his house. He couldn’t talk until it passed. During just 45 minutes, 20 planes flew by, some not following the proper path. Ingram, living near Boulder Municipal Airport (BDU), is one of many residents concerned about the noise and traffic.

Ingram and others signed a petition to close the airport. They feel pilots don’t stick to the right routes and that the airport isn’t necessary. But some people defend it, saying it’s unique and vital for Boulder.

The debate grew, leading city officials to think about the airport’s future. Some want to close it and build homes for people who struggle to afford Boulder’s high prices. Laura Kaplan, who helped start the petition, believes this land could help those in need.

Boulder’s housing crisis is real. While the median home price is over $1 million, many middle-income families can’t find affordable homes. This affects schools and hospitals too.

The city plans to discuss the airport’s future soon. But it’s not just about noise; it’s about finding homes for everyone.

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