Colorado Ballet’s Exciting Dance Inspired by Mountain Climbing

After a tiring day of practice, dancers at Colorado Ballet gathered around Lauren Lovette, their choreographer. She’s created a new dance called “Three Views of a Mountain.” The dancers thanked her for her hard work before she had to leave.

Lovette, a talented dancer turned choreographer, used to struggle with shyness. But now, she’s confident in her creativity. She started dancing as a child in California, then moved to New York to dance and later found her passion for choreography.

Peter Martins, the director of New York City Ballet, recognized her talent and asked her to create a dance in 2023. Lovette’s journey into choreography seemed natural to her, and she’s since made many dances, including some performed at the Vail International Dance Festival.

Colorado Ballet’s artistic director, Gil Boggs, invited Lovette to make a dance for them. “Three Views of a Mountain” is set to music composed by Kip Jones. It tells the story of climbers starting their journey, finding peace, and then descending from the mountain.

During rehearsals, Lovette made changes to the dance, but she wasn’t afraid of it. She believes changes are part of the creative process. As the dancers practiced the energetic movements, everyone felt excited about the upcoming performance. Lovette hopes her dance captures the energy and spirit of mountain climbing.

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