Colorado Innovations Tackle Space Junk Problem

Imagine tons of trash circling our Earth in space — that’s space junk. It poses a risk to satellites and other spacecraft. But don’t worry, Colorado companies have ideas to clean it up!

In 2009, two satellites collided, showing the danger of space junk. This week, experts at the Space Symposium in Colorado Springs will discuss solutions. Some see space junk as a chance for new businesses.

Companies like Astroscale in Denver are working on ways to collect and reuse space junk. They believe removing junk will make space safer for future missions, like going to Mars.

Other companies, like Orbit Fab in Lafayette, focus on refueling satellites. They want to change how satellites work, making them easier to move and use.

Space Force, a branch of the military, also wants to clean up space. They’re investing in projects to recycle old satellites into fuel.

Colorado companies are leading the way in finding solutions to keep our space clean and safe. At the Space Symposium, experts will share ideas to make sure space stays open for everyone to use.

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