Colorado GOP Removes Reporter, Citing Unfair Coverage

The Colorado Republican Party made headlines on Saturday when they asked a reporter from the Colorado Sun to leave their state assembly in Pueblo. The party’s chairman claimed that the news outlet’s reporting had been “very unfair.”

Sandra Fish, a well-known political and data reporter for the nonprofit news organization, was escorted out of the Southwest Motors Events Center on the state fairgrounds by a sheriff’s deputy. Despite having covered the previous day’s events without issue and being issued press credentials for Saturday’s proceedings, Fish was told she wasn’t authorized to be there by the state GOP.

Eric Grossman, the chairman of the Mineral County GOP and the events coordinator for the state assembly, explained that he was enforcing a decision made by State Republican Party Chairman Dave Williams.

In a text message sent to Fish earlier that morning, Grossman informed her that the state assembly was not open to the press and that her name would not be included in the final press credential list. He also mentioned that any press releases would be provided to her if and when they were generated.

Williams later explained that the decision to ban Fish was due to what he perceived as unfair and inaccurate reporting by the Colorado Sun. He mentioned that despite attempts to address their concerns with the outlet, they continued to publish what he considered biased coverage.

In addition to Fish, Williams also decided to prohibit 9News and The Denver Post from covering the party’s state assembly for similar reasons.

Larry Ryckman, a co-founder and editor of the Sun, disagreed with Williams’ assertion and expressed disappointment in Fish’s removal. He emphasized the importance of a free press in a democracy and stated that Fish was a credentialed and experienced journalist.

The incident sparked criticism from politicians across party lines, with some condemning the GOP’s decision as an abuse of power and a violation of press freedom.

However, some local political figures defended Williams’ decision, suggesting that fair and accurate reporting should be the standard for journalists.

Meanwhile, the Colorado Democratic Party invited all press to attend their upcoming state assembly, highlighting a difference in approach.

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