Former School Official Charged After 6-Year-Old’s Teacher Got Hurt

According to court records, Parker faces eight charges, each carrying a maximum prison sentence of five years. A warrant for her arrest has been issued.

The details of the charges haven’t been made public yet. The Newport News Commonwealth Attorney’s Office hasn’t commented on the matter. It’s unclear if Parker has a lawyer to represent her.

The incident happened at Richneck Elementary School in Newport News in January 2023. First-grade teacher Abigail Zwerner got shot by one of her students. Zwerner was able to guide her scared students to safety, but she suffered serious injuries to her hand and chest.

Zwerner later filed a $40 million lawsuit against the school district, claiming they ignored warnings about the child having a gun. Parker resigned after the lawsuit.

The student’s mother, Deja Taylor, was sentenced to two years in prison for neglect. Her lawyer believes the blame shouldn’t be entirely on her.

The charges against Parker are significant in addressing school-related gun violence. The local prosecutor chose not to charge the young student due to his age.

Several lawsuits were filed against school officials, claiming negligence. The families affected hope these charges bring accountability and answers to the community.

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