Could Donald Trump Go to Jail? What’s Happening in His New York Trial

Donald Trump

The trial for Donald Trump’s hush money case starts on April 15th in New York. If he’s found guilty, he might have to go to prison for a long time. But lots of experts don’t think that will happen. They say he’ll probably get probation or maybe up to four years in jail. Even if he’s found guilty, he could still be out of jail and running for president in 2024.

Trump is in trouble for 34 serious charges. These charges are about lying about money stuff to cover up paying a famous movie star, Stormy Daniels, to keep quiet. Each charge could mean up to four years in jail. But since Trump hasn’t been in big trouble with the law before and these charges aren’t about hurting anyone, he might not get the maximum punishment.

However, Trump hasn’t been very nice to the judge in charge of his case. He said mean things about the judge’s family online. That could make the judge mad and give Trump a harder punishment. Some experts say Trump should be careful because being mean to the judge could make things worse for him.

The judge already had to give someone else a lighter punishment because of a deal made earlier. This person worked for Trump’s company and agreed to tell secrets about it. Without that deal, he could’ve gone to jail for many years. So, what happens in this trial could be really important for Trump.

What did Trump do wrong? He says he didn’t do anything wrong. But the case is about whether he lied about money to hide paying money to keep someone quiet about something he says didn’t happen.

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