“Deadpool & Wolverine: New Movie Sneak Peek!”

At a big event called CinemaCon, people got a special look at a new movie called “Deadpool & Wolverine.” It’s super exciting because Deadpool, a funny superhero, is joining the Marvel movie world, and fans are thrilled! Plus, they’re making a cool popcorn bucket with Deadpool’s face on it for when you get snacks at the movies!

The movie’s director, Shawn Levy, showed about nine minutes of new scenes from the film. In these scenes, Deadpool, played by Ryan Reynolds, is up to his usual antics. He’s retired from being a superhero and is now selling cars. But things get wild when he’s visited by some strange guys who talk about time travel and the Marvel movies.

They tell Deadpool he can finally be the hero he’s always wanted to be, so he gets a new costume and agrees to join the Marvel movie world. He’s so excited he even says, “I’m going to Disneyland!” How funny!

In the new movie, Deadpool teams up with Wolverine, another famous Marvel superhero. They have some funny moments together, like when Deadpool makes fun of Wolverine’s old yellow-and-blue costume.

The event also gave updates on other Marvel movies, like “Fantastic Four” and “Thunderbolts.” And they showed a sneak peek of “Captain America: Brave New World,” where Captain America, played by Anthony Mackie, has some tough challenges ahead.

Overall, it looks like Marvel fans have a lot to be excited about with these new movies!

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